The arm on the sill thing reminds me of a novice autocrosser I was instructing once. He and his mom came out to race their Mini Cooper Clubman S. I think the kid was maybe 16, but he would let go of the wheel and grab the door to brace himself in every corner. It was terrifying. » 10/16/14 2:38pm 10/16/14 2:38pm

Many existing games get things right, like mechanical failures and realistic damage that affects how the car performs. But, the one thing I haven't seen in ANY sim is a realistic emergency vehicle system. No game throws a double yellow and puts a tow truck on course to pick someone out of the gravel. » 11/22/13 5:30pm 11/22/13 5:30pm

That is, basically, the same van. The guts of the orange van were moved to the newer model white van when the body styles changed. However, as built by the guys in Alabama, it had a turbo'd, built version of the OEM engine, not the LMP2 engine that is in it for the Pike's Peak race. » 6/27/13 1:10pm 6/27/13 1:10pm